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Dolls were made with great attention to detail by the toy maker icon Epee is a real treat for any girl who likes taking care of her baby. It is equipped with the necessary accessories. Have a favorite pacifier, thanks to the soothing in a heartbeat. There is also a ball to enable additional functions of the toy. It should be noted that the charming Tymek is 38 cm high, it is a doll that every little girl would be happy to embrace.
The proposal was made from the highest quality materials, thanks to which it is 100% safe for the health of small owners. Parents who are concerned about this, can be relieved by smoking entrusted him with this unique toy.

What would Tymek say today?

Tymek love to sing. Of course, the owner will also be humming his favorite songs with him with pleasure. In addition, he often laughs, causing joy to everyone. Tymek crawl, he is constantly learning new things, and observe various stages of its development is very pleasant for a few years. Wanting additional visit zabawki dla dziewczynek

Need to buy a toy, especially when it turns out a few years old would have siblings. Obviously, in this way, you can largely avoid the jealousy of a young child and at the same time make the girl really fascinated by him, observing the activities carried out by his mother and repeat them in the doll.

Learn and play in one!

Tymek owners will have plenty of time, while learning how to keep young people, helping them and spent hours with them. Modern and equipped with a host of functions, these dolls are very popular among buyers, which is not surprising. Need to give it to a few years old will get a long-term employment. He can play alone, with siblings or with friends, in the house or outside - the possibilities are basically limited only by his imagination.
Until now, no dolls - a boy who will be equipped with the function of speech. You may know Emma doll - a girl version. Beautiful in every way. Now, however, is Tymek of Epee, which every few years will love!


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